The Bratachari movement was a movement for spiritual and social improvement in India initiated by Gurusaday Dutt in 1932. It was a comprehensive programme of physical, mental, and intellectual culture, based on folk traditions through physical exercise, art, dance, drama, music, singing and social service. The Bratacharis undertake to perform good deeds, strengthen fellowship and develop the mind and body through dance.

NSS unit of Bethune College is conducting a Certificate Course for the semester 2 & 3 NSS volunteers on 'Bratachari' in collaboration with Bengal Bratachari Samiti. The movement aimed to raise the self-esteem, national awareness and physical-mental health of the students. The program has been initiated by the Special Secretary, Higher Education Department and Bethune College has been selected as the 1st college for such venture. A 48 hours course is designed by the Bengal Bratachari Samiti which includes Science of Bratachari, play songs, songs, nursing and work education. The inaugural lecture was organised on 12th June, 2021. Professor Subhashankar Sarkar, Vice-Chancellor, Netaji Open University and Vice-President, Bengal Bratachari Samiti; Anusrita Mondal, Assistant Professor, Surendranath College, Kolkata; Dr. Dipak Kumar Badpanda, Principal, Asutosh museum of Indian Art, Kolkata and Dr. Banibrata Mukhopadhyay, Secretary, Bengal Bratachari Samiti were the speakers. Classes have started from 10th July 2021 and occurs on every Saturday.

Bratachari Inaugural Lecture- View Flyer

Article about Bethune College program in Bangar Shakti, the magazine of Bengal Bratachari Samiti- View Flyer