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Prohor Punthi

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Aalap 2020

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22 Dec 2020
Publications release
Publications Releases 22 Dec 2020

 A number of publications namely AALAP 2020 (In retrospect and in perspective), VOICES BEYOND SILENCE: ISSUES AND INSIGHTS and two proceedings of seminars on ENVIRONMENT: ISSUES AND CONCERNS, and CAREER COUNSELING AND SOFTSKILL DEVELOPMENT were formally released by the Principal Prof. Krishna Roy on 22nd December 2020

17 Dec 2020
Prohor Punthi : Atimari 2020
Prohor Punthi

Prohor Punthi : Atimari 2020, a collection of essays, poems and experiences documenting six months of lockdown owing to Covid 19, published by IQAC, Bethune College, was formally released by the Principal, Professor Krishna Roy on 17/10/2020

15 Dec 2020
College Publications Release

Four college publications, namely, Adiganta, the college magazine dedicated to Pt Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar, Heritage Vol VI, the peer reviewed journal of Bethune College, the first Newsletter of Bethune College and a Report of Webinar Series (June-September 2020) were formally released by the Principal, Prof Krishna Roy on December 15, 2020.

Bethune College Newsletter

Newsletter 2019-2020

Hreitage 2020
Heritage Journals

The academic journal of our college, Heritage, is being published annually since 2014 bearing the ISSN Number 2349-9583. It covers a diverse range of subjects catering to an eclectic readership.
It is exceptionally suited to needs of academic research and praxis bringing together articles that address contemporary issues and also take a critical look at historical construction and discourses.

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