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Course Details

Semester-wise Three year B.Sc. Honours Course in Computer Science (Under CBCS System,University of Calcutta)
Three years. B.Sc. Honours Course in Computer Science.

CBCS CMSA Full Syllabus
CBCS 2nd SEM Changed Syllabus


About the Department

Bethune College was the first government college under University of Calcutta to offer a degree in Computer Science (Honours). The department was officially inaugurated in the year 2002 and almost every year since its inception, the department has produced C.U. rank holders. The number of seats was first increased to 15 in the year 2006, and then slowly increased over the years to the current figure 23, in the year 2016. The infrastructure needed for the rising number of students was also enhanced accordingly. In the year 2008 the department also started offering a pass course to the honours students of other related Science subjects (Mathematics, Economics, Physics, and of late Statistics), to meet the demands of a growingly computer dependent age.

A very healthy student teacher ratio of about 12:1. This results in the students getting the much needed personal attention, inside and outside of the classroom.

The fee structure is also minimal (the lowest, in fact) compared to other colleges offering Computer Science (Honours) course under University of Calcutta. This helps us to attract the meritorious students from the weaker sections of the society.


The department is suitably equipped to meet the demands of the University of Calcutta undergraduate course. The department ha

  • Air-conditioned software laboratory as per demands of the C.U syllabus.
  • Air-conditioned hardware laboratory as per demands of the C.U syllabus.
  • Well-stocked departmental library to cater to the needs of the students any day of the week

Extension Activities

The department tries to arrange talks and lectures, where eminent speakers from universities are invited to speak on recent and upcoming trends in Computer Science. List of such talk




Resource Person
2014 Invited Talk 1. "Basic Concept of Embedded System"
2."An Overview of Image Processing"
By Research scholars of AKCSIT, University of Calcutta
2016 One-day Workshop
[Sponsored by IEEE WIE Affinity Group (Kolkata Chapter)]
1."System design using FPGA development board"
2."Experiments with Cloud Services"
1. Dr. Pritha Banerjee
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Computer Science,
University of Calcutta

2. Dr. Sunirmal Khatua
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Computer Science,
University of Calcutta
2017 Invited Talk 1. "Social Network Analysis"
2. "Remote Healthcare Facilities: Challenges and Opportunities"
1. Dr. Sarbani Ghosh
Associate Professor
Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering,
Jadavpur University
(1st session)

2. Dr. NabenduChaki
Dept. of Computer Science,
University of Calcutta
(2nd session)
2018 Faculty development programme Workshop on Innovative Computational Experiments for UG Teachers Dr. Sandeep S Ghugre
UGC-DAE CSR, Kolkata Centre

Departmental Prizes/Scholarships

  • A special staff prize for the top five students securing 1st class marks in the 3 year B.Sc (Honours) programme.
  • The Department has also initiated a special departmental Alumni Prize from the year 2018, awarded to the student securing highest marks in practical papers, all through the 3 year B.Sc (Honours) course. This has been done keeping in mind the importance of practical papers in our subject.

Students Section

Results :


Candidate Appeared

1st Class


2018 12 12 04
2017 14 12 03
2016 14 10 02
2015 10 07 02

Student's achievement




Papiya Sen Majumdar 2008 B.Sc rank 5th, M.Sc rank 6th. GATE qualified 2010. NET qualified 2012
Srijoni Maitra 2008 B.Sc rank 7th, M.Sc rank 3rd. GATE qualified 2010 & 2012. NET qualified 2012
Currently Assistant Professor of Dept. of Computer Science, Bethune College
Angana Chakraborty 2009 B.Sc rank 1st, M.Sc rank 1st. Awarded P.C.Chandra gold medal for excellence in 2009. Qualified GATE in 2011 and NET in 2013. Pursuing Ph.D. in ISI, Kolkata

Currently Assistant Professor of Dept. of Computer Science,Netaji Nagar Day College
Rishika Sen 2012 B.Sc rank 6th.M.Sc rank 9th. Qualified GATE in 2014. Currently JRF in ISI, Kolkata
Debasmita Bhoumik 2013 B.Sc rank 1st. UGC NET qualified. Currently JRF in ISI, Kolkata from July,2018
Enakshi Ghosh 2015 B.Sc rank 4th
Joyita Saha 2015 B.Sc rank 7th
Raktima Barman 2016 B.Sc rank 5th, 2018 UGC NET qualified
Rusha Biswas 2016 B.Sc rank 6th
Soumi Sarkar 2017 B.Sc rank 2nd
Ritwika Majumdar 2017 B.Sc rank 8th
Shramana Dey 2017 2018 UGC NET qualified
Debanwita Dutta 2018 B.Sc rank 1st

Job Prospect

Since the very beginning of the department (i.e. 2005), on campus recruitment by I.T companies has played a major role in providing jobs to the students who are interested in taking the plunge into the corporate world. For the first 3 years Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS) absorbed a high percentage of the 3rd year pass out students. Then, from the year 2008, every year, Tata Consultancy Services has arranged an on campus recruitment drive for all final year students having maths as a subject, with special attention given to Computer Science (Honours) students. This is a matter of pride for us.

Contact us

In case of any query or inconvenience, please free to contact us in the email-id given below. We will get back to you as soon as possible. This email id is specific to the Department of Computer Science (Bethune College).