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Course Details

Three year Honours Degree Course (Calcutta University).
U.G. General Course for students with Honours in other Humanities subjects.

About the Department

College was established in 1879. Sanskrit as a subject was introduced in 1880.From the college record it is learnt that the teaching staff strength rose to four in 1880.From the very begining the students interested in Sanskrit proved their worth by satisfactory result in the university examination.

Poetess Smt Kamini Sen (Roy) was the first student to pass B.A Exam. with Sanskrit from Bethune College who was appointed second mistress of Bethune School in 1886.In1890 she was promoted to the post of a lecturer.

Sanskrit stamped its indelible mark in the history of the Bethune College by the brilliant academic achievement of many students in the university exams. The names of the poetess Priyambada Bagchi(Devi), Sm.Nirmala Roy,Tatini Gupta(Das) may be mentioned here.

The Hons. Course in Sanskrit was affiliated in the college under the regulation of the University of Calcutta in 1917.Smt Santiprabha Dasgupta, Smt.Malati Chatterjee(Sen), Smt. Abha Sen, Smt. Surama Mitra, Smt. Kalyani Chakraborty, Smt. Pritilata Gupta, Smt. Nanibala Datta Gupta, Smt. Bina Datta were among others who secured first class Hons. from this college. The same performance was repeated by Latika Bose, Prativa Neogi, Smt. Santi Bagchi, Smt. Aparna Sarkar, Smt. Pratima Bhattacharyya, Smt. Roma Gupta, Smt. Parbati Bandyopadhyay, Smt. Rita Biswas, Smt. Sipra Sengupta, Smt. Bhaswati Bandyopadhyay, Smt. Sanghamitra Brahma, Smt. Chandana Hazara who maintained the standard of good result by securing 1st class Hons. in Sanskrit. The department of Sanskrit has a record of consistent and excellent academic results. Many students, since the inception of the college, have topped university merit lists and won many medals and Hons. from the university.

Research and Extension Activities

  1. Lakhmi Saha, ex-student has delivered several lectures on Veda and Vedic grammar in this year 2018
  2. Lectures of two days organized by the department:
    1. Title: a VEDIC ACCENT
      Resource person(s) :
      Sponsoring Agency: Bethune College
  3. Lectures on KARAKAM and VEDA were organised by the department. Resource persons were Seikh Sabir Ali , West Bengal State University and Rina Dutta, Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture.
  4. Smt chandrima Saha, a 2nd year Hons. Student represented our college & attended a debate in Sanskrit language in a inter college competition organized by Sanskrit College during 'Sanskrit Saptah`.
  5. Mamata Gain and Sritama Manik, two First year Honours students represented our college and delivered a lecture about 'Bharate Sanskritam in Sanskrit Language in Inter College Competition organized by Sanskrit College during Sanskrit Saptah.


  • The Department has been provided with computers and internet facility

  • Central library has more than 8000 books on the subject. The department has more 572 books in its seminar library.

  • Three Years Honours Degree Course (C.U. Syllabus ).

  • Two Year General Degree Course to cater to Honours Student (C.U Syllabus ) .

1. Bengali
2. Philosophy
3. Political science
4. History

  • Environmental studies as compulsory subject for all 3rd year students.

Departmental Prizes/Scholarships

  1. Juthika Ghosh Memorial Gold Medal (for securing highestmarks and First class in B.A Exam.)
  2. Malati Sen Memorial Prize (for securing highest marks and first class in B.A Exam.)
  3. Ramjitendra Ghosh Memorial Prize (one for securing 1st rank in sanskrit Hons.and other for standing first among B.A Hons.graduates).
  4. There are special staff prizes for student securing highest marks in B.A Examinations.
  5. Netaji Prize ( for securing highest marks in B.A. examination)

Students Section

  • Third year students 2018 are sent to Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture for a 7-days Preliminary workshop on Functional Sanskrit, held on 28th August to5th September.

  • The first year of our dept of this year Arkapriya Chakraborty is invited to participate in the programme named "SURER DHARA" in DHAKA of BANGLADESH organised by REJAYANA BANYA in 2011, 2018. She got first prize in district level 'CHTRA YUBA UTSAB' in 2015 and she got second prize in the state level competition of Student Health Home 2010.

  • Being a lower income family Sritama Manik, third year student of this year got the Sitaram Jindal Scholarship and Merit cum means Scholarship for her good result.

  • MALLIKA BHATTACHARYA [2012] ,our ex student has passed the NET exam in 2018

  • JAYANTI PAL CHOWDHURY [2009] has got her M.Phil. degree from Cu. In 2017.

  • AYANTIKA SARKAR [2008] has been appointed as an Assistant Professor in Nalhati College, Birubhum.

  • Arpita Chakraborty, a 1st year student has got third prize in Drawing of Intra college competition of our college.

  • The students of our Dept. are also involved in the Independence day celebration and teacher`s day celebration.

  • Ramjitendra Ghosh Memorial Prize, Malati Sen Memorial Prize are received by PRIYANKA SINHA who passed B.A exam. 2015 from this college.

  • Juthika Ghosh Memorial Scholarship is awarded to Pamela Chowdhury (1st year), Chandrima Saha, ChaitiShil(2nd year), and Susmita Modak (3rd year)

  • Special Staff Prize is awarded to SAMARPITA CHYATARJEE and PRIYANKA SINHA (2014-2015 SESSION)

  • The Department inspires the students to pursue Higher Education by honing critical thinking abilities. Many of our students are engaged in research. Some of our illustrious students include Sm. Poulami Saha (Asstt. Professor, Barasat Govt. College ) Sm. Sudesna Roy (Asstt. Professor, Durgapur Govt.College.)

  • The students of the Department are also involved with the NSS Programme of the College .

Name of E.C. Activity Name Position Event
Poster Making   Ankita Shaw [ 1st year ] .3rd Intra-College Competition at Bethune College, 2017
Sports 100m Run Runa Bala [2nd year] 1st Annual Sports 2017 at Bethune College
    Rajashree Saha [2nd year] 3rd  
  Slow Cycle Rajashree Saha [2nd year] 1st  
    Jayasree [1st year] 3rd  
  Relay Race Rajashree Saha [2nd year]
Runa Bala [2nd year]
Indrani Das [1st year]
Nibedita Majumder [2nd year]
  Needle Race Runa Bala [2nd year] 2nd  
  Javelin Rajashree Saha [2nd year] 1st  
  Discus Sritama Manik [2nd Year] 1st  
  • Rajashree Saha got the Champion's Trophy at the Annual Sports 2017 at Bethune College.

  • Rajashree Saha from 2nd Year has represented West-Bengal in the category of [Sports] Rocket Ball and Khokho.

  • Rajashree Saha (2nd Year) will be awarded two prizes for her excellence performance in annual sports in this College 2017.

  • Chaiti Shil who passed B.A examination 2017 from this College . will be awared Ramjitendra Ghosh memorial prize, Malati Sen Memorial prize and Netaji prize Juthika Ghosh memorial scholarship is awarded to Laxmi Bhuiya (2nd Year) ,Shamapa Yadav(2nd Year), Tamanna chowdhury (2nd Year) and Shritama Manik(2nd Year).

  • Pamela Chowdhury will receive a prize for securing highest marks in B.A Part-I.

  • Chaiti Shil will receive a prize for securing highest marks in B.A Part-II.

  • Special staff prize will be awarded to Chaiti Shil ,Hena Sharma,Shabari Mukherjee and Chandrima Saha .

Department News

Department of Sanskrit organized a picnic at Naihati, Swapnabithi Park. on 10.2.2018

Results :

Year Appeared Candidates Secured 1st Class