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Three year Honours Degree Course (Calcutta University).
U.G. General Course for students with Honours in other Humanities/Science subjects.

About the Department

"It's easy to lie with statistics. It's hard to tell the truth without it"
                                                                        - Andrejs Dunkels

Bethune College Department of Statistics was established in the year 2001. Initially undergraduate pass course was offered for the Economics, Mathematics and Physics honours students. Only very recently, from 2015-16 academic session the department started offering three year honours degree course in Statistics.

In recent times the subject Statistics is becoming more and more interdisciplinary in nature, that derive its strength and motivation from practical problems, which arise out of research in other fields of science. To keep pace with this modern trend our department is trying to contribute to the development of the subject by combining innovative teaching with various research activities.


No. of class rooms 02 (ROOM NOS. 21& 22)
Computer Laboratory : 01 (In the Gr. Floor of the Annexe of Vidyasagar Bhavan)
Two Desktops
One Laptop
One Laserjet Printer
One Xerox machine
One scanner
One LCD Projector.
One Projector Screen
Books in the Central library: 850
Books in the Departmental library: 134
Departmental Staff room.

Students Section

Syllabus :

CU Statistics Syllabus

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