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Course Details

Three year Honours Degree Course (Calcutta University).
U.G. General Course for students with Honours in other Humanities/Science subjects.
Two year Post-Graduate Course in Zoology (affiliated to the University of Calcutta).

About the Department

The Department of Zoology, Bethune College has been considered as one of the highly rated departments of the College. The teaching of the subject at the Intermediate level began in this college in 1952, Under Graduate (Pass) in1964, Under Graduate (Honours) in 1973 and Post Graduate in 2005. All the aforesaid courses are under the affiliation of the University of Calcutta, however, the college enjoys an autonomy in the PG course.
Presently, the Academic programmes conducted in this department are:

  • Two year Post Graduate Course (in Credit Based Semester System) affiliated to the University of Calcutta with Special papers in Cytogenetics, Entomology, Ecology, Parasitology & Immunobiology.
  • Three years Honours Degree Course (C.U Syllabus).
  • Two Year General Degree Course to cater to Honours Students (C.U. Syllabus) of :
    1. Botany
    2. Psychology

From the academic session 2015-16, the PG Department of Zoology has introduced the Semester system of evaluation at the post graduate level.
The academic excellence of the Department is evident from the outstanding performance of both the Undergraduate and Post-Graduate students in the University- and competitive-examinations.

Research and Extension Activities

The faculty members are actively involved in research in their respective fields:

Ongoing projects

Sl. No. Title Funded by Under supervision Amount Duration
1. Studies on potentiality of muga silk as biomaterial for nano medicine ICMR, New Delhi Shri Samiran Ghosh 3,20,250/- 3 yrs.
2. Study of fish diversity of Cooch Behar and its surrounding UGC Dr. Rahul Kr. Datta 2,10,000/- 2 yrs

Smt. Moumita Karmakar is pursuing her research work as RGNSRF (Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship) under the supervision of Dr. Rina Rani Ray.


As a part of the academic curriculum, the department arranges regular compulsory excursion/ educational tour befitting the curriculum, for both UG and PG students to extend the their exposure to the bio-diversity of the country.

This year the department arranged the following study tours:

  • Chintamoni Kar Bird Sanctuary with Post graduate students with Elective Paper: Ecology. (Dr. Rahul Kumar Datta and Dr.Adrita Chakrabarti)
  • With Final Year Honours students to Paschim Banga Poultry Mela-2016 (Dr. Sutapa Datta and Dr. Adrita Chakrabarti)
  • Institute visit at Human Genetics Unit, ISI, Kolkata with M.Sc. 2nd final year students of Genetics special paper on 2nd May 2016. (Sri Samiran Ghosh and Dr. Paramaa Raha)
  • At the vicinity of East Calcutta Wet Land with M.Sc. 2nd final year students of Entomology Special paper (Dr. Hiroj Kumar saha).

Seminar and Workshops

The department conducts seminars and workshops from time to time for the benefit and upgradation of knowledge of both faculty and students. The last conducted seminar was a Science Academies' Lecture Workshop on Recent Advancements in Animal Research in 2013.


The department has computer and internet facilities.
In addition to the central library, the department has its own departmental library.
For PG teaching, the department has

  • Well equipped Air conditioned Parasitology & Immunology Laboratory.
  • Well equipped Air conditioned Cytogenetics Laboratory.
  • Well equipped Air conditioned Entomology Laboratory.
  • Well equipped Air conditioned Ecology Laboratory.

An Animal House is also provided by the college to facilitate research.


  • Cold Centrifuge with two rotors
  • ELISA reader
  • Thermo cycler [PCR machine]
  • Gel apparatus [DNA & Protein]
  • B.O.D incubators
  • Laminar flow
  • Trinocular microscope with photographic attachment
  • Binocular microscopes
  • Hot air ovens
  • Bacteriological Incubators
  • Trans blot apparatus for Western blotting
  • Power packs
  • Micro pipettes of different calibrations
  • Millipore Distillation plant
  • -20 and -80 degree freezer
  • CO2 Incubator
  • UV Spectrophotometer
  • Homogenizer
  • Magnus Stereoscopic Binocular

Departmental Prizes/Scholarships

  1. Papiya Dutta Roy Memorial Stipend (for compulsory excursion) for economically weaker students of PG Course in Zoology
  2. Debendranath Das Memorial Stipend for good academic result in Zoology Honours

Students Section

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Department News

Results :

Under Graduate

Year No. of candidate appeared No. of candidates qualified No. of first class
2015 22 22 22
2014 23 23 20
2013 18 16 13

Post Graduate

Year No. of candidate appeared No. of candidates qualified No. of first class
2015 20 20 20
2014 21 21 20
2013 19 19 18