Govt. of West Bengal
Bethune College
Bethune College


Dr. Amita Kar

General Information
Department Chemistry
Designation Associate Professor
Qualification B.Sc. (Chemistry Hons.) (Presidency College/Calcutta University, 1978)
M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry Specialisation) (University College of Science and Technology, C.U., 1980)
Ph.D. (Natural Products, C.U. 1992)

Colleges Served

  • Krishnagar Govt. College, Krishnagar: 1st April,1999 to 1st June, 2006
  • Presidency College,Kolkata - 2nd June 2006 to 5th July, 2013
  • Durgapur Govt. college -6th July 2013 to 14th December,2015
  • Bethune College, Kolkata- 15th December,2015 till date


  • Research work was on Natural Products isolated from Indian Orchids at the Dept. of Chemistry, C.U., under the supervision of Prof. P.L. Majumder.
  • Supervised M.Sc. project work of 17 students till date.
  • Completed a UGC sponsored MRP entitled "Chemical Investigation of some indigenous plants and oxidative transformation of some suitable organic substrates" during the period 29.03.05-28.03.07

Research Projects

Title PI Funding agency Period Total grant Status
Chemical Investigation of some indigenous plants
and oxidative transformation of some suitable organic
Dr. Amita Kar UGC MRP No. PSW 064 / 04-05 (ERO) Dt. March '05 29-03-05 to 28-03-07 Rs. 65,000/- Completed

Other experiences

  • In September,1988 joined Patha Bhavan, Kolkata and served there as Assistant Teacher in Chemistry till March,1999.
  • Worked as lecturer in Chemistry at Hari Mohan Ghosh College, Kolkata from August, 1987 to August, 1988.


  • Majumdar, P.L., Kar, A, Banerjee, S, Pal, A, Joarder, M, (1997), Application of 2D NMR spectroscopy in structural elucidation of some Phenanthrene Derivatives from Indian Orchidaceae Plants, J. Indian Chem. Soc., 74, 908-916.
  • Majumdar, P.L., Kar, A, (1989), Erianol, A 4α-Methylsterol from the orchid Eria Convallaroides, Phytochemistry, 28: 1487-1490.
  • Majumdar, P.L., Kar, A, (1987), Confusarin and Confusaridin, two phenanthrene derivatives of the Orchid Eria Confusa, Phytochemistry, 26: 1127-1129.
  • Majumdar, P.L., Kar, A, Shoolery, J.N., (1985), Bulbophyllanthrin, A Phenanthrene of the Orchid Bulbophyllum Leopardium, Phytochemistry, 24: 2083-2087.

Conference Proceedings

  • Majumdar, P.L., Kar, A, (1987), CP-8 "Structures of some Polyoxygenated Phenanthrene derivatives of Indian Orchids : Application of 13C-NMR and 2D NMR in structure elucidation" in Eleventh National Symposium on Organic Chemistry.