Govt. of West Bengal
Bethune College
Bethune College


Dr. Mohua Chatterjee

General Information
Department Psychology
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M.Sc.
Specialization Industrial Psychology and Organizational Behaviour, Environmental Psychology

Colleges Served

  • Bethune College - November 2006 - till date


Environmental Psychology


Article Published in Book

  • Chatterjee, M. (2014). A study on the health status and depression of the high rise dwellers of Kolkata. In Recent Approaches in Mental Health Research, K. P. Bagchi & Company, ISBN: 978-81-7074-349-1.
  • Chatterjee, M. & Bagchi, N. (2010). Career maturity, need for achievement and locus of control: Comparison between male and female school students. In 12th International & 43rd National Conference of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology, 2008 (Editorial Committee), Psychology applied in societal transformation. Published by: Department of Applied Psychology, Calcutta University, Kolkata, Psychology Research Unit, ISI, Kolkata, NITTTR, Kolkata & Indian Academy of Applied Psychology, Chennai.
  • Chatterjee, M. & Dasgupta, S.K. (2005). A study on the relationship between quality of life and perceived personal health, health care services and economic status of a group of Kolkatans. In A. Hussain, S. Hussain & Md. H.R.Khan (Eds.), Applied Indian Psychology: New perspectives. New Delhi: Global Vision Publishing House. ISBN: 81 - 8220 - 110 - 1.

Articles published in journals

  • Mohta, R. Chatterjee, M. (2018). Emotional Intelligence, occupational Self Efficacy and Occupational Stress - A comparison between General Educators and Special Educators of Kolkata, Journal of Contemporary Educational Research, Vol.8 (1), pp 46-52.
  • Chatterjee, M. (2018). A study on loneliness and social interaction pattern among the high rise dwellers of Kolkata city. The Research Journal of Social Sciences, 9(4), 26-32.
  • Das, M. And Chatterjee, M. (2018). Relationship between perception of coach efficacy and competitive state anxiety among players - An exploration. International Journal of Physical Education and Sports, 3(2), 12 - 18.
  • Chatterjee, M. (2015). Consequences of living in high rise buildings: A study on elderly residents of Kolkata. Heritage, Vol II, ISSN: 2349-9583.
  • Chatterjee, M. (2009). Perception of housing environment among high rise dwellers. Journal of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology, 35(Special issue), 85 - 92. ISSN 0091 - 4247.
  • Chatterjee, M. (2009). Housing environment perception of the aged residents living in high rise and non-high rise buildings of Kolkata city. Journal of Psychometry, 23(1), 35 - 40.
  • Dr. Nilanjana Bagchi and Dr. Mohua Chatterjee, 'A Study to Compare Two Groups of Railway Employees Across Psychological Variables, Namely, Locus of Control and Work Motivation', Heritage Journal, Volume III, ISSN:2349-9583

Academic Membership

  • Life member, Indian Academy of Applied Psychology
  • Member, Journal of Psychometry, Kolkata