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Bethune College
Bethune College


Dr. Sanghamitra Sanyal

General Information
Department Botany
Designation Assistant Professor in West Bengal Education Service
Qualification First Class in M.Sc. in Botany, Calcutta University (2000)
First Class in B.Ed., Calcutta University (2002)
Ph.D, Calcutta University (2011)
Specialization Taxonomy of Angiosperms

Teaching Experience

07 years of teaching experience including 03 years of postgraduate teaching. Undergraduate course in Botany primarily focusing on morphology, Taxonomy of Angiosperms, Ecology, Palynology, Cryptogams and Pharmacognosy. Post Graduation teaching focuses on Taxonomy of Angiosperms and Biodiversity and Ecology.

Colleges Served

  • Taki Govt. College: 2007-2012
  • Bethune College: 2012-till date


  • Participated in the UGC sponsored National Seminar on "Teaching Botany in 21st century: prospects and challenges", 6th-7th August, 2016 in Bidhannagar College and presented poster(s) on 'Seedling Morphology of Tribulus terrestris L.-an important medicinal plant' and ''Antidiabetic plants: sustainable use, conservation and future prospects' in UGC sponsored National Seminar- "Medicinal plants, health and environment", 9th-10th September, 2016 in APC College, New Barrackpore.
  • Research interest in seed and seedling morphology, Taxonomy and Floristics. Ongoing Projects: Minor Research Project on 'Seedling morphology - an aid to identification of some overexploited medicinal plants, a new approach in plant taxonomy and conservation of Biodiversity', Sanction no. UGC (Minor) No. PSW-047/13-14 dated 18.03.2014, Grant- Rs. 3,20,000/-.
  • Participated in National Workshop, entitled "Taxonomy and Biosystematics of Vascular Plants(Workshop-VII)" from 14.07.2014-22.07.2014 organized by Department of Botany, University of Calcutta in collaboration with Botanical Survey Of India, Science & Engineering Research Board, New Delhi; Botanical Nomenclatural Course organized by B. S. I (11th - 13th January, 2013). Indian Science Congress Association, Kolkata (3rd - 7th January, 2013); Workshop and National Seminar on "Present Scenario and Future Prospect of cryptogamic botany, 9th to 11th November, 2011; Probir Chatterjee Research Foundation and Department of Botany, University of Calcutta, Kolkata;
    Participated in Seminar cum workshop on 'Plant explorations, Herbarium Techniques and Calcutta University Herbarium' from 10th- 12th March, 2011(Department of Botany, C.U.
  • Supervised PG dissertations in Bethune College.


Some Important Publications

  • Sanyal S. Morpho-Taxonomic Studies of some members of Malvales (Cronquist 1981) occurring in Salt Lake City Noth 24 Parganas West Bengal, International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology, Vo. 5, Issue 5, May, 2016, 8564-8572, ISSN 2319-8753.
  • Sanyal S. Seedling Morphology- An aid to Identification of some over-exploited Medicinal Plants with respect to their pharmaconistic uses, World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, Vol.5, 2016, 1352-1358, ISSN 2277-7105.
  • Sanyal S. and Chattopadhyay D. Angiospermic Flora of Bethune College Campus, Kolkata, West Bengal. Heritage: Vol.I.133-142 ISSN: 2349-9583, 2014.
  • Sanyal S and Paria N. D. Seedling Morphology as a tool for taxonomic study in some members of Leguminosae (Fabaceae). Int. J of Plant, Animal and Environmental Sciences: 1(5):1-15 ISSN: 2231-4490, 2015.
  • Sanyal S. Evaluation of exomorphic characters of some Indian species of Cassia occurring in and around Kolkata, West Bengal with an overview on Cytotaxonomy. Int. J. Of Innovative Science, Engineering & Technology : 2(2):414-429 ISSN: 2348-7968, 2015.
  • Chattopadhyay D, Mukherjee S. and. Sanyal S. Study of Algal Biodiversity of the CoochBehar Block, District Coochbehar, West Bengal. Heritage: Vol.II.109-118 ISSN: 2349-9583, 2015.
  • Das, K, Bose A, Sanyal S. and Paria N. D. Seed Morphology as an aid in taxonomic study of some aquatic Monocotyledons. Bot. Soc. Bengal: 67(1):11-19 ISSN: 0971-2976, 2013.
  • Sanyal, S., Seedling morphology-an aid to identification of some medicinal plants In: Proceedings. Eds. Nath, D.C, Bandyopadhyay A. & Dutta M. UGC Academic Staff College, University of Calcutta. pp. 59-64. 2011.
  • Sanyal, S. & Paria, N.D. Studies on Heteroblastic Development in some Dicotyledonous Plants (Abstract). In: National Symposium on "Plant Diversity and Resources: Evolution, Analyses, Stress and Challenges and Palaeophytodiversity: Its Aspects and Prospects. 20th -22nd December, 2011; Botanical Society of Bengal and Department of Botany, University of Calcutta, Kolkata. 2011.
  • Das, M, Sanyal, S. & Paria, N.D.Seed and seedling morphology of some members of Solanaceae & its Taxonomic implications(Abstract).In: National Seminar on "Angiosperms Taxonomy: A tribute to Dr. Sushil Kumar Mukherjee, (Botanical Survey of India), 9th January, Botanical Society of Bengal and Department of Botany, C.U. 2010.
  • Das, M, Sanyal, S. & Paria, N.D. Seedling Morphology of Some Members of Lamiaceae and Verbenaceae With Reference To Taxonomy (Abstract). In: Golden Jubilee Symposium on Recent Trends in Contemporary Plant and Microbial Sciences, 19th-20th March, Botany Department, UGC Centre of Advanced Study, Burdawan University 2010.
  • Das, M, Sanyal, S. & Paria, N.D., Application of seedling morphology in eight members of the Lamiaceae for taxonomic study. Advances in Plant Biology (Debidas Bhattacharya Birth Centenary Commemorative Volume). pp. 171-186. 2009.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Convenor, PG Board of Studies, Bethune College since 2013.

Academic membership

  • Life member of Indian Science Congress and Botanical Society of Bengal.