Heritage : Vol II 2015

Heritage Journal Vol II 2015

Heritage Journal Vol II 2015


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From the Editorial Desk


ননী ভৌমিক : অনুবাদে মৌলিকতায়
মণিদীপা দাশ  5  View Article

বম্কিমচন্দ্রের কাপালকুন্ডলা : প্রশ্নবোধক পারিসমাপ্তির শিল্পশৈলী
শোহিনি ভট্টাচার্য 11 View Article

সন্দেশ পত্রিকার একশো দুই বছর
ড. শর্মিষ্ঠা নিয়োগী 13 View Article

ডিরোত্তি - এক শিক্ষক, যন্ত্রনার অনেক পথ
ড. য়িতা দত্ত  16 View Article

মানবীবিদ্যাচর্চায় দুই নারীর অবস্থান
ড. কুমকুম চট্টোপাধ্যায় 20 View Article

Bollywood and the Culture Industry: A Critique of How Stereotyping in
Bollywood has led to Mass Commercialisation of Key Cultural elements in India

- Surangama Guha 29 View Article

Psychoanalyzing and Deciphering Language Games in Pinter's The Birthday Party
- Asijit Datta 35 View Article

Browning and 'The Sense of Self'
- Shubhayan Chakrabarti 43 View Article

". . . he had been else a mere artificial Adam" : Reason and Freedom in Milton's Paradise Lost
- Neelanjana Basu 46 View Article

Lumos! Seeing J.K. Rowling's Hermione in literature, myth and the Harry Potter series
- Piyali Gupta 53 View Article

বৌদ্ধ অশোক কতটা ধর্মনিরপেক্ষ ছিলেন ?
রঞ্জনা গাঙ্গুলি (মুখার্জ্জী) 58 View Article

'নবরসরুচিরা সংস্কৃত - সাহিত্যধারা' ?
পৌলমী সাহা  60 View Article

পশু সংরক্ষণে ধৰ্ম   অর্থশাস্ত্র
অর্পিতা দে
64 View Article

Gandhi Darshan ka Hindi Natak par pravaw
- Dr. Namita Jaiswal 68 View Article

The Travels of Chitrangada and Tagore's Philosophy
- Dr. Sudeshna Mitra 76 View Article

Babasaheb Ambedkar (1891-1956) : The Messiah of the Depressed classes and
the Zealous Crusader against Caste and Untouchability

- Dr. Debjani Ghosal 80 View Article

Regionalism and Politics of Identity : A Story of Jharkhand
- Dr. Siuli Mukherjee 89 View Article

Communalism - A Curse for Indian Federation
- Debarati Das 95 View Article


Social Sciences

Public Distribution System and Food Security in India: A Review
- Moutrisha Ganguly & Dr. Satarupa Bandyopadhyay 99 View Article



Study of Algal Biodiversity of the CoochBehar Block, District CoochBehar, West Bengal
- Dr. Dipayan Chattopadhyay, Dr. Sritama Mukherjee & Dr. Sanghamitra Sanyal 109 View Article

Production of Polysaccharide Degrading Enzymes by Yeasts
- Jhilam Majumder & Dr. Rina Rani Ray 119 View Article

Studies on Starfish (Astropecten indicus, Doderlin) Growth Measurement
- Samiran Ghosh 123 View Article

Complex - Multilevel regulation of gene expression in plants: a general overview
- Dr. Sritama Mukherjee, Dr. Sonali Sengupta & Prof. Arun Lahiri Majumder 127 View Article

Bactericidal activities in a new bacterial strain isolated from iron mine
- Suparna Mondal, Suchisuvra Chowdhury & Dr. Rina Rani Ray 135 View Article

Fish Diversity around Cooch Behar: A brief account
- Dr. Rahul Kumar Datta 138 View Article

Consequences of living in high rise buildings: A study on elderly residents of Kolkata
- Dr. Mohua Chatterjee 141 View Articles

Knowledge Management: Some Theoretical Approaches
- Debadeepa Banerjee & Prof. Anjali Ray 148 View Article

Looking Through the Lens of Cancer Patients - A Study to Investigate Difference between
two groups of cancer patients belonging to two different age groups with respect to
Life Satisfaction and Locus of Control

- Dr. Nilanjana Bagchi 155 View Article