Ethics and Value Education

30 Hours Online Certificate Course

Organised by: IQAC & Ethics and Value Education Committee, Bethune College
Youtube Playlist for EVE 2020-21 Lectures

Date: June 28th, 2021

Students Presentation II

Student Representative/s from Department of Computer Science, Hindi, History, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology & Statistics. 


Dated  : June 25th, 2021

Students Presentation I

Student Representative/s from Department of Bengali, Botany, Economics, English, Chemistry, Political Science, Sanskrit & Zoology.

Date : June 14th, 2021

13th Lecture: Understanding Morality from the Perspective of Developmental Psychology; Piagetian Approach

Speaker: Smt. Debanjana Basu
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Bethune College


Date : June 7th, 2021

12th Lecture: Environmental Ethics and Sustainability: Issues and Global Perspectives

Speaker: Dr. Pritha Bhattacharjee
Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Science, University of Calcutta


 Date: May 31st, 2021

11th Lecture: Ethics and Academic Integrity in Research

Speaker: Prof. Uday Maitra
Professor, Department of Organic Chemistry, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.


Date : May 17th, 2021

10th Lecture: Cyber Psychology, Safety and Ethics

Speaker: Shri. Rajarshi Rai Choudhury
Advocate, High Court of Calcutta, Founder and Director


Date : May 12th, 2021

9th Lecture:
Rabindranath on Humanism and Creativity

Dr. Kanya Sengupta
Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Bethune College

Tagore in Reverence of Science.

Dr. Supriti Paul
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Bethune College


Date : May 5th, 2021

8th Lecture: Sex/Gender Difference, Patriarchy and Ethics; Feminist View

Speaker: Dr. Gargi Goswami,
Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Jadavpur University


Date : April 24th, 2021

7th Lecture: Ethics of Publishing Research Papers in International Scientific Journals.

Speaker: Dr. Smita Ray
Assistant Professor, Department of Botany, Bethune College


Date : April 20th, 2021

6th Lecture: Doctrine of Human Rights in the Context of Ethics and Moral values

Speaker: Dr. Kumkum Chattopadhyay
Alumna and Former HOD, Department of Political Science, Bethune College


Date : April 9th, 2021

5th Lecture: Violation of Women's Rights in India

Speaker: Smt. Titi Mukherjee
State Aided College Teacher Category II, Department of Women's Studies, Bethune College


Date : March 31st, 2021

4th Lecture: Moral and Political Philosophy of Thomas Hobbes

Speaker: Smt. Dipanwita Barua
Assistant Professor in Political Science, Bethune College


Date : March 9th, 2021

3rd Lecture: The Notion of Women Empowerment in Early Historic India

Speaker: Dr. Chirantani Das
Assistant Professor, Department of History, Bethune College


Date : February 25th, 2021

2nd Lecture: Action and it's Evaluation

Speaker: Dr. Gopa Gupta
Former Head of the Department, Department of Philosophy, Bethune College, Kolkata


Date : February 10th, 2021

Title of Inaugural Lecture
Introduction to Value and Ethics: An Indian Perspective.

Speaker: Dr. Krishna Roy,
Principal, Bethune college