Bethune Day

The College pays homage to John Elliot Drinkwater Bethune by observing his death anniversary on 12th August each year. On this day a representative section of the students go to Bethune's tomb and offer flowers. A tree plantation festival known as Banomahotsab is organized on that day. The College also organizes a lecture known as Bethune Memorial Lecture by an eminent academician on this occasion.



Bethune Day and Banomahotsab

Bethune day and Banomahotsab was celebrated with due respect this year on 12th August, 2021. The day started with the Principal, Teachers' Council Secretary, representatives of teaching and non-teaching staff of the college visiting the tomb of John Elliot Drinkwater Bethune, the stalwart of female education and social reformer, at Bethune Bithi, of AJC Bose Road Cemetery. They paid homage by lighting candles, incense sticks and laying Garlands and flowers. After this, Principal Madam, along with members of Alumni Association of Bethune College, teachers and non- teaching staff went to Bethune School to pay tribute in front of the Bethune statue. Next, candles and incense sticks were lighted, flowers were offered at Bethune plaque at the college campus.
The following programme started at the Centenary Hall by lighting of lamp along with chant of hymn and offering of flowers by the Principal, TCS, teachers and alumni members. They also took part in plantation of saplings. The Principal delivered the inaugural address. There was short speech in memory of Sir Bethune by Dr. Rupa Pal, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and a former student. There was a slide show of plantation of saplings by students at their home. A book on Ethics and Value Education and current issue of College Newsletter was formally released on this auspicious occasion. The Bethune Day speech was delivered by former Associate Professor and alumna of Bethune College, Dr. Kumkum Chattopadhyay. A short cultural programme was held in remembrance of the noble soul. The programme ended with plantation of saplings donated by the Alumni Association at the college campus with the help of NSS.


Bethune Day and Banomahotsab


Bethune Day Banmahotsav 12 August 2020 Bethune Day Banmahotsav 12 August 2020 View PDF

Bethune Day and Banomahotsab was celebrated with due reverence this year on 12th August 2020. Following tradition, the Principal, T.C.S and teacher representatives visited Drinkwater Bethune's grave at Bethune Bithi at Upper Circular Road cemetery. Homage was paid to this stalwart of women's education by lighting candles, incense sticks and by laying garlands down at the grave. The next visit was to Bethune School where Bethune statue was honoured and then a tribute was paid to our founder in front of Bethune Plaque. Principal's address was delivered in front of the Heritage Building. This programme was followed by Banomahotsab ceremony which marks the rejuvenation of life. The Principal along with teachers and non-teaching members, NSS and the Alumni participated by planting saplings donated by the Alumni Association. As a continuation of the afforestation drive students who were requested to plant saplings in their homes participated wholeheartedly and sent photographs of their plantation activities in scores.