Department of Bengali

তরুলতা সহজেই তরুলতা, পশুপক্ষী সহজেই পশুপক্ষী মানুষ প্রাণপণ চেষ্টায় মানুষ
Plants flourish naturally, so do birds and animals; a human being becomes a human being through endless efforts
---Adapted from Rabindranath Tagore


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Semester Wise Three years B.A. Honours Course (Under CBCS, University of Calcutta) - View Syllabus

Intake Capacity : 38


Semester Wise Two years M.A Course (Under CBCS, University of Calcutta) - View Syllabus

Intake Capacity : 23

About the Department

The Bengali Department of this college started its journey from 1879 (intermediate). Intellectuals from other disciplines devoted their time for teaching Bengali, because the college had no separate teacher for Bengali in its early stage. Pandit Madan Mohan Tarkalankar, Kabi Kamini Roy and many other reputed teachers took regular classes for a long time in Bengali Department for the necessary momentum. The department formally started functioning in 1943. Smt. Bharati Mukherjee joined as the first lecturer in Bengali. In 1948, Prof. Lila Roy joined, followed by Dr. Dipti Tripathi as Assistant Professor. Smt. Sunanda Dasgupta for some time and Smt. Kamala Kanjilal served the department for many years. The department gathered the critical mass of faculties in 1979, after joining of many eminent academics such as Dr. Uma Roy, Karabi Bhattacharyya, Smt. Sanghamitra Dutta, Smt. Chandra Mukherjee, Smt. Shanta Sen, Smt. Krishna Palit and Smt. Banimanjari Das.

In keeping with the NAAC Peer Team's recommendation, a Post Graduate course was introduced in the year 2014.The Post Graduate Department was granted academic autonomy and conducting the examination and being in charge of the examination process. From the session 2018-19 the PG course has been undertaken directly by the University of Calcutta. Presently the Department has ten fulltime teachers, including 4 Associate Professors and 6 Assistant Professors. Eminent teachers and educationists from various fields regularly share their knowledge and skill with our students as guest faculty.


Sumita Mukhopadhyay
Smt. Sumita Mukhopadhyay

Associate Professor and HOD
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Suchimita Maitra
Smt. Suchimita Maitra

Associate Professor
M.A., M.Phil., B.Lib.
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Tanwi Mukhopadhyay
Smt. Tanwi Mukhopadhyay

Associate Professor
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Sudakshina Ghosh
Dr. Sudakshina Ghosh

Associate Professor
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Sumanta Mukhopadhay
Sri. Sumanta Mukhopadhay

Assistant Professor
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Chhandam Chakraborty
Dr. Chhandam Chakraborty

Assistant Professor
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Sharmistha Niyogi
Dr. Sharmistha Niyogi

Assistant Professor
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Anwesha Khan
Dr. Anwesha Khan

Assistant Professor
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Anindita Datta
Dr. Anindita Datta

Assistant Professor
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Sohini Bhattacharya
Smt. Sohini Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor
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  • The Department has a rich Seminar Library and a special Book Bank donated by Alumnae
  • Department has projector for showing film to students.

Research Activities

The faculty members are actively involved in research and teaching activities, apart from their regular duties in college. The research areas are versatile in character in various areas of language & Literature and its multi-disciplinary components; such as- 'Marginalized Women in Literature' ,'Nineteenth Century Bengali Literature and Culture', 'Comparative Literature', 'Translation and Poetry', 'The Aesthetics and Politics of Bengali Literature in Colonial Period', 'Linguistics , Narratology and Children's Literature', 'Structure and Style of Novels', 'Translation Literature and Rabindranath as a Translator', 'On Self Translation By Rabindranath Tagore', 'The Literature of Bangladesh', 'The Psycho-Cultural aspect of Modern Bengali Literature', 'Old and Medieval Period of Bengali Literature' etc. The teachers of the Department also participate in various workshops, seminars and script a number of pioneering papers on contemporary and relevant issues they also contribute research articles in reputed journals and books. Teachers, along with their students, are actively involved in editing magazines and books. The department has always attempted to inspire the critical and analytical skills of students through dissertation, seminar, etc.

Extension Activities

Seminars/Conferences/Lecture organized by the department

Funding Agency Seminars/ Workshops/ Webinars Name and Date Name of Speakers
None International Webinar 'Bangladesher Kobita O Kathasahitya - Atit theke Bartomane' on 14th & 15th September, 2020. Platform- Zoom & You Tube.
1. Dr. Masuddajaman, Professor, Institute of Education and Research, University of Dhaka.
2. Dr. Mohibul Ajij, Professor, University of Chhitagang.
None Banglar Baithak - 'Rabindranather Barshar Gan',10th September, 2020. Platform - Google Meet. Sohini Bhattachariya
None Banglar Baithak - 'Atmohatya o Sahitya', 6th August 2020. Platform- Google Meet. Dr. Anindita Datta
 Fund for conducting seminar State level Seminar 19/03/2019
1."Bhakti- Droho, Prem, Nivedan"
2. "Deshvag O Swadhinata"
State level Seminar 19/03/2019
1."Bhakti- Droho, Prem, Nivedan"
2."Deshvag O Swadhinata"
 Fund for conducting seminar Departmental Seminar 18/03/2017
1."Rabindranather Swadesh Bhabna : Gora, Ghore Baire"
2. "Chotoloker Rabindranath"
1.Prof. Nandini Bhattacharya University of Burdwan
2.Shubhasis Gangopadhyay Eminent

Eminent speakers like Shaoli Mitra, popular theatre personality; Soumitra Basu, a renowned retired professor of Jadavpur University, Dr. Minakshi Sinha; distinguished retired professor and famous theatre actress, and many others have enlightened the students in special classes and seminars.

Prizes & Fellowship

  • Bani Bose Memorial Prize (Awarded to the students securing highest marks in B.A. (Hons) examination in Bengali Hons. from Bethune College).
  • Jogesh Chandra Bhattacharya Memorial Prize (Awarded for highest proficiency in Bengali in B.A. Examination from Bethune College).
  • Kshudiram Das Memorial Prize (Awarded for highest proficiency in Bengali honours in B.A. Examination from Bethune College).
  • ShovaGhosh Memorial Prize (Awarded for standing first in Bengali honours in B.A. Examination from Bethune College).
  • Sudhansu Sekhar Roy Memorial Prize (Awarded for securing highest marks in Bengali honours in B.A. Examination of 3 years from Bethune College).
  • There are Staff Prizes for securing 1st class marks in B.A final year
  • Bela Datta Memorial Prize for 1st class first in M.A in Bengali from Bethune College


U.G. Results

Year Candidates appeared First Class Rank
2020 36 22 --
2019 27 5 --
2018 28 4 --
2017 26 5 --
2016 26 5 --
2015 28 10 1st & 6th
Bengali UG Result


P.G. Results

Year Candidates appeared First Class
2020 19 14
2019 20 9
2018 23 13
2017 23 5
2016 16 10
Bengali PG Result


Students' Section

Achievements of Present Students

Academic Achievement

  • Students of 3rd Sem & PG Sem 2 (not all) have attended a Webinar on 'Sahitya,Chalachchitra o Anirdishta Andhokar' organized by Adamas University on 15 . 05 . 2020
  • Students of 3rd Sem & PG Sem 2(not all) have attended a Seminar on 'Women in Media- A Journey Shared' organized by IQAC, Lady Brabourne College on 06.03 .2020

Achievements of Ex-Students

Sl.No Name UG/PG with year Academic Achievement Present Position
1 Dr. Sreeparna Ray UG 2011 Honoured Ph. D. from Jadavpur University, 29 th June, 2020 Professor at Adamas University.
2 Priyadarshini Sanyal UG 2016 NET, 2019-20  
3 Sagarika Sardar UG 2015 NET- 2019-20
SET- 2018-19
Member of the Editorial Board of - 'Oikahik' Sahitya Patrika.
4 Gargi Biswas UG 2015 M.Phil in Bengali Jadavpur University, Pursuing Ph. D. from Visva- Bharati University from 2019-20 onwards.
Ph. D. Scholar at Visva- Bharati University.
5 Aishwarya Mukherjee UG 2019 Got Job, 2019 Teacher at Calcuuta Public School.
6 Shatakshmi Kundu UG 2013 Completed M. Phil from the University of Calcutta, 2019.NET-JRF in 2016-17.  
7 Akashlina Dhole PG 2018 MA Currently pursuing M.Phil from Adamas University.
8 Somali Bhattacharya   UG 2015 M.A. Editor of the little magazine 'Oikahik' Sahitya Patrika
9 Arundhuti Saha UG 2016 M.A. Editor of the Bengali little magazine 'Parer Trum'