Women's Studies Centre


Across the globe, women face threats to their lives, health and wellbeing for being overburdened with work and for their lack of power and influence. The power dynamics that hinder the quality of life of women are predominant, from the most personal to the highly public levels of the society. There is enough proof that women are discriminated against and denied their right to survival, attainment of resources and control over their production. Gender socialization shapes their personalities thus making them meek, pliant and subservient. When such a mindset has already been enmeshed within our blatant forms of denials, the stage has been set when the realization of women's rights remains a remote possibility.
Though apparently it seems that the developed countries are in a relatively better position with respect to the status of women, the reality is that they too are nowhere near equality in different spheres of life. In India, inspite of there being constitutional provision for equal rights for both men and women, in practice discrimination still reigns. The essential role of Bethune College as Asia's first ever women's college in the history of education for women over the past 143 years (1879 - 2021) can neither be denied nor be overlooked. The historic role played by Bethune College in creating a major domain for enlightened and empowered women is a well known fact. Apart from contributing in the field of education, the students of this College have made significant contributions to the freedom movement. The College has also nurtured many eminent poets and writers, teachers, Professor, Doctors, Performing artists and other professionals in its glorious journey. Bethune College has continued its relentless struggle to prepare women to emerge into fully functioning individuals with their all round development to get a firm foothold in this gender biased society. In its endeavour to do so the College has constantly engaged itself in organizing various activities.
According to the 11th plan, the U.G.C. approved the establishment of the Women's Studies Centre in Bethune College, which was inaugurated on the 29th of January 2010. Currently, Dr.Nilanjana Bagchi is the Director of the centre and faculties of various departments of the college are its members.
Some of its tasks have been highlighted here that were taken up from 2016 till date. More educational and sensitization activities are in the pipeline for the year.

Submission of Review Proforma of Women's Studies Centre
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