The following Fellowships are available.

  1. Jyotsnamoyee Dey
  2. Tarak Sudha Fellow

Jyotsnamoyee Dey Endowment Fund

Training And Research Global Education Trust (TARGET) Endowments were set up in 2006 and 2009 for Bethune College to help girl students in their academic advancements. These Endowments were further enhanced in 2016.
During her term as Principal of Bethune College, Prof. Manimala Das was the driving force in obtaining permissions from the Government of West Bengal to set up these Endowments in the name of Jyotsna Mayee Dey, mother of Mr. Amit De, TARGET's Managing Trustee.
Jyotsna Mayee also studied at Bethune College and graduated in Mathematics a century ago - 1923. Without education amongst women, we will never be really developed.

Message from the De Family:
"The De family is proud to be associated with Bethune College and we wish all students a bright future.
Follow your dream! "


Tarak Sudha Endowment Fund

About the fund
Sri Amares Sarkar, son of Late Sudha Rani Sircar in a letter to the Principal, Bethune College dated 24.11.2002 offered to set up a contractual teaching fellowship in the college in Mathematics, which led to the constitution of the "Tarak Sudha Endowment Fund" as per GO No. 435-Edn (A) dated 18.05.2004 and constitution of the Fund Management Committee with the nominated representative of the Director of Public Instruction as per Education Directorate Memo No. 79-Admn dated 22.07.2004. A savings account was opened with Rs. 47,25,423.00 (as reflected in audit report from 01.09.2004 to 25.10.2008), received from the donor and deposited in long term deposit account.

During the appointment of the teaching fellows the Department of Computer Science had no full-time teacher and one post was allowed to the department for one year. Smt. Ritu Sen and Smt. Madhura Datta joined in the respective departments of Mathematics and Computer Science with a remuneration of Rs.9,300.00 each fellow per month.

Several bright and dedicated young fellows have since served the college as Tarak-Sudha Teaching Fellow.


Applications for the post of Jyotsnamoyee De / Tarak Sudha Teaching Fellows

Applications are invited from eligible candidates for the post of Jyotsnamoyee De / Tarak Sudha Teaching Fellows in Mathematics (02 posts) and Computer Science (01 post) within 20.09.2021. View Details

Teacher's name benefited by Fellowships in last 5 years

Department of Computer Science
Year Tarak Sudha Fellowship
2022 Ms. Anwesa Datta
2021 Ankita Sarkar (from 01.10.2021)
2020 -
2019 Pallavi Roy
2018 Pallavi Roy
2017 Suparna Saha (approximately up to June)
Pallavi Roy (from 29th August, 2017)
2016 Suparna Saha
2015 Rupsa Bose


Department of Mathematics
Year Tarak Sudha Fellowship Jyotsnamoyee Dey Fellowship
2022 Smt. Swastika Dey
Pubali Sengupta
2021   Sri. Lokenath Ganguly
2020 Soumen Samanta -
2019 Piyali Guha (upto January)
Soumen Samanta (from 23rd July)
Barnali Mondal
Bithi Chattaraj
2018 Piyali Guha Barnali Mondal
Bithi Chattaraj
2017 Piyali Guha (from 17th August) Barnali Mondal
Bithi Chattaraj
2016 - Barnali Mondal
Bithi Chattaraj