Department of Women Studies (General)

Women,wake up; whatever the barriers set up against you, it is in your power to overcome them; you only have to want it
--- Olympe De Gouges

  • Women Studies

Offered as General Subject for 1st and 2nd year under 1+1+1 system

Generic Elective for Semester 1, 2, 3 & 4 under CBCS system 

CBCS Syllabus | CCF Syllabus

This course is offered only as a generic elective for honours subjects and does not lead to an independent degree.

About the Department

 Bethune College is the first Women's College in the whole of Asia that was established in 1879.Women's Studies was introduced as a general subject in the Undergraduate curricula of Bethune College in the academic session 2010. It was under 1+1+1 system. Over the years, the interest for the subject has led to a large number of students opting for the subject. The students studying Women's Studies general have shown academic excellence both in their College evaluation and University examinations.
From the year 2018 students can pursue this subject as Generic Elective for any two semester within sem- 1 to 4 under the new CBCS system. We have average 35 students for each semester.
It includes holistic approach on gender studies like, emergence of this subject, feminist theory, feminist thoughts, patriarchy and its institutions, foeticide, infanticide, rape, dowry, child labour, child marrige, domestic violence, trafficking, women empowerment, indecent representation of women in media, existing laws and LGBTQ, self-help group, micro finance for empowering women etc. Under the new CBCS system new syllabus also focused on feminist research and project works for internal examinations. The method of teaching is series of lectures, assignments, some projects on gender issues and gender sensitization. Our students enjoy this subject a lot and they secure a good percentage in each semester which help them to raise their SGPA percentage more better.


Sahel iDey
Saheli Dey

SACT (Category-II) and HOD
B.A., M.A., M.Phil., PGD.
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Titi Mukherjee
Titi Mukherjee

SACT (Category-II)
B.Sc., MRDM, M.Phil., PGDHRM
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