Green Initiatives and Waste Management



  1. Systematic execution of green environment initiatives for maintenance of biodiversity
    and pollution free environment within the campus
  2. The green cover of the campus is well maintained by gardener, departmental teachers and
    students along with a documented Medicinal Plant Garden
  3. Tree Plantation Programme 'Banomahotsav' is observed on 12th August every year
  4. World Environment Day is commemorated by generating awareness among students
  5. Planting of trees are an integral part of Independence Day and Republic Day
    Celebrations. During the lockdown period students were encouraged to undertake
    plantation as an extension approach. Positive response was received from students of all
    departments. After reopening of college, some students willingly donated these plants to
    the college campus which were planted in the medicinal garden by members of the
    Science Club.
  6. As several trees were damaged during the cyclone Amphun, care has been taken to
    restore the green cover as far as possible
  7. Dignitaries gracing college functions are felicitated with saplings in small pots
  8. Campus cleanliness drive organized by NSS is undertaken diligently by students
  9. Preparation of organic manures and vermicomposting of organic domestic and canteen
    wastes is done by NSS. These fertilizers are regularly used for the medicinal garden soil
  10. Demarcating 'No plastic zone' and strict abidance to the same
  11. Use of Renewable Energy: Keeping in mind the benefits of solar energy to minimize the
    consumption of electricity which is produced by converting the Suns radiation - Bethune
    College has installed a Solar PV Plant on 10.9. 2012. The said plant is located on the
    rooftop of the Vidyasagar Bhawan. The approximate capacity of the plant is 7Kwp
    costing Rs. 14.2 lakhs. This has been funded by the CPE (College with Potential for
    Excellence) grant
  12. Use of LED lights in the buildings contributes to lesser power consumption
  13. Student members of Environmental Club of the Student Activity Cell work relentlessly
    towards campus maintenance and beautification. Team of teachers in the Physical
    Maintenance as well as Campus Beautification committee also strives towards the same.
  14. Preparation of organic sanitizers by Department of Chemistry during pandemic
  15. Effective digital communication through college website leading to less consumption of papers
  16. Spreading awareness against Dengue and Malaria Documentation of Biodiversity for PEOPLES' BIODIVERSITY REGISTER under the initiative of West Bengal Biodiversity Board (WBBB) was done by faculty and UG and PG students of Department of Botany and Department of Zoology in 2020. View PDF
  17. Students' submit project on different aspects of environment as a part of UG Semester II, AECC curriculum.
  18. College has conducted Environmental Awareness programmes and seminars for faculty and students. Lectures delivered for environmental sensitization as a part of the 30hours Value and ethics course includes - Environmental Ethics and Sustainability: Issues and Global Perspectives and Bio-Ethics.
  19. Dustbins are placed at every corner and all are directed towards proper use. Maintaining proper protocol for the disposal of all different categories of solid wastes such as biodegradable, non-biodegradable, e-wastes and hazardous wastes are done. Care is taken to ensure that hazardous waste of Chemistry Department do not mix with the general waste of College.
  20. Students, teaching and non-teaching staff members are advised to use recyclable materials for storing their food, water etc., to reduce the wastes
  21. Use of Public Transport is encouraged amongst students and Staff to reduce air pollution.
  22. Efforts for Carbon neutrality: The greenery in the College campus effectively neutralizes the harmful carbon dioxide. Utmost care is taken to maintain the lush green environment.
  23. The underground basement area of the Administrative building has been used for junk disposal particularly non-functional instruments. This ensures campus cleanliness.
  24. Regular AMC of instruments ensures proper energy utilization and minimizes usage hazards.
Green Initiatives and Waste Management [PDF]

Self Appraised Green Audit Report [PDF]