Ethics and Value Education


Ethics and Value Education

A 30 Hour-Certificate Course on Ethics & Value Education has been designed from the academic session 2020-2021, for the undergraduate students of Semester 1 and 2 of Bethune College, under the able supervision of Prof. (Dr.) Krishna Roy, Principal, Bethune College. The objective of this course is to create awareness and commitment of the students to social responsibilities and to inculcate moral values in them, for improving the quality of life through education. The course being interdisciplinary in character, the content has been designed keeping in mind the theoretical as well practical aspects of ethics. The Ethics & Value Education Committee organised a series of online lectures delivered by eminent speakers from different fields. The Inaugural lecture was delivered by the Principal, Bethune College. Among other resource persons were academicians from renowned institutes like Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, University of Calcutta and Jadavpur and an Advocate- expert on Cyber security. Former and present teachers of different departments of the college also acted as Speakers.

Each student is assessed on the basis of an online test, submission of dissertation, presentation through a seminar and attendance. Feedback is taken at the end of each lecture/session and also at the end of the course.

A certificate is given to the students on completion of the course.

Ethics & Value Education Online Certificate Course : Lecture Series 2020-2021

Ethics & Value Education Certificate Course : Lecture Series 2014-2020