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Science is what you know, Philosophy is what you don't know.
---Bertrand Russell

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Semester wise Three year B.A. Honours Course (under CBCS), University of Calcutta. -
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Intake Capacity : 38

About the Department

The history of the Department of Philosophy, initially known as 'Mental and Moral Philosophy', spans throughout the last 111 years and it is a matter of great pride to highlight the continuity of the educational vis-ā-vis teaching standard and the academic performance of the department. The Department was established in 1908 when Philosophy as a subject was introduced in the intermediate classes. Two years later in 1910 it was taught as a General subject in B.A. Pass Course. Philosophy as an Honours subject began its journey in 1923.
Our Department has surely contributed a lot in the field of women's education and emancipation in India as well as in Bangladesh. This department may surely boast of its illustrious alumna. To mention a few: Smt Tatini Das (Gupta) : Stood First both in I.A. Examination in 1914 and B.A. Honours Examination in 1916. She became the Principal of this college during 1934-1950. Prof. Akhtar Imam, graduating in1937 became Professor & Head of the Department of Philosophy, Dacca University. Dr. Hamida Khanam: Passed B.A. Examination with Distinction from Bethune College. In 1952 she went to Columbia University as Full-Bright fellow. She became the Principal of Home Economics College, Dacca. Pakistan Govt. awarded her Gold Medal for her contribution in education in 1969. Sm. Nalini Das, was a member of Faculty who later became the Principal of Bethune College (1968-1974).  Prof. Pushpa Misra graduating in1961was also a Member of Faculty & became Principal Bethune College (1997-2002). She is a practicing Psychoanalyst. She is also member of IQAC, Bethune College.

The teachers guide their students towards developing their talent in various fields by involving them in debates, seminars and discussions in class . Students are encouraged to maintain Departmental Wall-Magazine and participate in extension activities like NSS , drill and march past, recitation, singing, dancing etc. and similar other activities.


Sudeshna Mitra
Dr. Sudeshna Mitra

Associate Professor and HOD
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Kanya Sen Gupta
Dr. Kanya Sen Gupta

Assistant Professor
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Saswati Ray
Smt. Saswati Ray

Assistant Professor
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  • Library

The students as well as teachers lend books from the Central Library which has a collection of approximate 6000 books. Moreover they have access to Departmental Library and Book Bank. The former has a stock of around 400 books and a few journals whereas the latter has 268 books and 52 journals.

Research Activities

Name of Investigator/Co-Investigator Sanction Letter No with Date Funding Agency Amount Sanctioned Title of the Project Duration of the project Duration of the project
Dr. Sudeshna Mitra UGC PHW-071/13-14 dt. 18.3.14 UGC 1.5 Lakhs Religion & Morality as a social phenomenon. An Interpretation From

Departmental Prizes/Scholarships

  • Papri Bhadra Memorial Excellence Gold Medal for Highest proficiency in Part-III Philosophy Honours University Exam.
  • Papri Bhadra Memorial Excellence Silver Medals for Highest proficiency in Part-II & Part-I Philosophy Honours University Exam.
  • Tatini Das Memorial Medal awarded to the student who stands 1st in Final Philosophy Honours University Exam.
  • Debiprasad Sen Memorial Prize for Highest proficiency in Philosophy Honours Final University Exam.
  • Bharati DasGupta Memorial Prize for highest profiency in Final Philosophy Honours in B.A.Exam .
  • Departmental Staff Prizes to five top scoring students amongst students securing 1st class in Final Philosophy Honours University Exam.

Extension Activities

Seminars/Conferences/Lecture organized by the department

Funding Agency Seminars/Webinars/Conferences/Workshops with date Name of the Resource Person with Affiliation
Department Philosophy and Beyond: Future Prospects and Opprtunities in collaboration with Career Counselling Cell , Bethune College
1. Smt.. Ayanika Chatterjee, Assistant Professor in Philosophy, Hooghly Mohsin College, Chinsurah
2. Smt. Ivy Bannerjee, Information Process Specialist, TCS , Kolkata
Bethune College Webinar -Coping with Pandemic: A Psycho-Philosophical Standpoint 27.8.2020
View lecture
1. Prof. Pushpa Misra, eminent Psychoanalyst, Professor of Philosophy, Former Principal of Bethune College
2. Prof. Krishna Roy, Principal, Bethune College
Department of Higher Education, Govt. of West Bengal One Day State Level Seminar on Celebration of 200th Birth Anniversary of Pandit Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar- Revisiting the Renaissance Man , organized by IQAC with the Departments of Philosophy, History, Sanskrit, Hindi & Bengali.
1. Prof. Swapan Chakraborty, Former Rabindra Nath Tagore Professor, Presidency University.
2. Prof. Mou Dasgupta, Department of Sanskrit, University of Calcutta.
3. Prof. Gopa Datta, Department of Bengali, Jadavpur University.
4. Prof. Soumen Mukherjee, Department of History, Presidency University.
Bethune College
Buddhist Philosophy
Dr. Madhumita Chattopadhyay, Professor, Department of Philosophy, Jadavpur University, Kolkata
Bethune College
Hume's Moral Philosophy
Dr. Gargi Goswami, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Jadavpur University, Kolkata
Bethune College
Philosophy of Sir Immanuel Kant
Eminent Academician Prof. Subir Ranjan Bhattacharya, Former Professor of Philosophy, University of Calcutta.
Bethune College
Samkhya Darshana
Dr. Sarbani Banerjee, Associate Professor , Department of Philosophy, Rabindra Bharati University
Bethune College
Modern Logic : An Overview
Shri Abhik Banerjee, Former Associate Professor, Scottish Church College, Kolkata
Bethune College Tagore's Concept of Beauty
Dr.Pritha Ghosh , Assistant Professor , Department of Philosophy, Rabindra Bharati University



Place of Visit Date & Duration Year of the Students No of Attendees
Science City 28 th July, 2015 - 1 day 3rd Yr 4 Teachers & 9 Students



Year Candidates appeared First Class Rank
2020 28 18 Pending
2019 16 10 3rd, 4th & 7th
2018 21 8 1st, 7th, 9th, 13th & 16th
2017 19 5 5th & 7th
2016 19 6 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th & 11th
2015 28 6 3rd & 7th
Philosophy UG Result

Students' Section

Achievements of Present Students

Academic Achievements:

Name of Recipient Name of Prize
Piyali Seth- 2021 Obtained 78% marks in C.U. B.A. Part III Honours Examination, 2020. She was the proud recipient of:
  • Papiya Dutta Roy Memorial Gold Medal for Highest marks in BA Honours Exam, 2020 amongst all Humanities Graduates of this college
  • Sunanda Dutta Smriti Swarna Padak for 1st in BA Exam 2020
  • Papri Bhadra Excellence Award for 1st in BA Exam Philosophy Honours 2020
  • Papri Bhadra Memorial Silver Medal for 1st in BA Part II Exam Philosophy Honours 2020
  • Ramjitendra Ghosh Memorial Prize
  • Bharati Dasgupta Memorial Prize
  • Malati Bhattacharya Memorial Prize
  • D.P.Sen Memorial Prize
  • Special Staff Prize
Sreya Ghosh-2021

Priyanka Podder- 2020

Piyali Seth-2020

Puja Guha-2019

Riya Sen-2018

Mousumi Saha -2017

Sangita Paul -2016

Proud recipient of :
  • Papri Bhadra Memorial Silver Medal for securing 1st position in BA Philosophy (Sem1 + 2 Exam) Honours Exam 2020
  • P.C.Chandra Award of Excellence Gold Medal / Principal's award of Excellence Gold Medal
  • Papri Bhadra Memorial Gold Medal
  • Sunanda Dutta Memorial Gold Medal
  • Tatini Das Memorial Medal
  • Papri Bhadra Memorial Excellence Silver Medal
  • Ramjitendra Ghosh Memorial Prize
  • Malati Bhattacharya Memorial Prize
  • D.P. Sen Memorial Prize
  • Bharati DasGupta Memorial Prize
  • Mrinalini Emmerson Memorial Prize
  • Departmental Staff Prize
Priyanka Podder (For Part II)-2020

Piyali Seth (For Part I) -2020

Sayani Basu -2019

Priyanka Sadhukhan (For Part II) -2018

Sayantani Bhattacharjee (For Part I) -2018

Deepa Kirtania (For Part II) -2017

  • Papri Bhadra Memorial Silver Medal

Scholarships/Fellowships/Studentships received:

Name Year Fellowship
Shreeja Dutta UG -Sem -II 2019 Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship for College & University Students.
Pratiksha Ghosh UG -Sem -I 2020  




Swami Vivekananda Merit Cum Means Scholarship Scheme

Chaity Chatterjee UG -Sem -I 2020
Tanushri Sarkar UG -Sem -I 2020
Debjani Snai UG -Sem -I 2020
Soumi Mitra UG -Sem -II 2020
Manashi Majumder UG -Sem -II 2020
Swapna Naskar UG -Sem -II 2020
Shibani Saha UG -Sem -II 2020
Sulagna Bal UG -Sem -II 2020
Jayee Mukherjee UG -Sem -II 2020
Nandini Ghosal UG -Sem -II 2019
Sreya Ghosh UG -Sem -II 2019
Eshita Mondal UG -Sem -II 2019
Sarmistha Rajbanshi UG -Sem -II 2019
Silpa Saha UG -Sem -II 2019
Dishani Bose UG -Sem -II 2019
Piyali Seth UG III,II,& I - 2020, 2019, 2018
Poulami Bannerjee UG I - 2018

Students' seminars organized in the Department

Date Year with Session Name of the of the students Topic
30.4.2019 1st Yr Hons, Sem -2 (Session 2018-19)

Saheli Chakraborty Paper presented on Indian Philosophy
Aditi Das
Sritikana Kundu
Sumana Goswami
Ankita Podder Paper presented on Western Philosophy
11.4.2019 1st Yr Hons, Sem -2 (Session 2018-19) Asmita Das Sarma Paper presented on Western Philosophy
Shreya Manna
Shreeja Dutta
28.08.2018 3rd Yr Hons,(Session -2018-19)

Satyaki Roy Paper presented on Ethics -Indian & Western
Sayani Basu
Shreeparna Mukherjee
14.08.2018 1st Yr Hons, Sem -1 (Session 2018-19) Priti Kumari Rajak, Paper presented on Western Philosophy
Sreya Ghosh,
Nandini Ghoshal Paper presented on Indian Philosophy
Sayani Nandi

Achievements of Ex-Students

Student progression:

Student Progression  
1. Student progression to higher education in during the year  
Year Number of students enrolling into higher education Programme graduated from  Department graduated from No of students graduated Name of institution joined Name of Programme admitted to
2020 18 B.A. Honours in Philosophy Philosophy 28 11-C.U.
1-Ghatal College of Education
1-District Institute of Education & Training College + NSOU
1. M.A. in Philosophy
2. B.ed
2019 11 B.A. Honours in Philosophy Philosophy 16  6 - C.U. ,
2 - R.B.U. ,
3 - P.U.
M.A. in Philosophy
2018 12 B.A. Honours in Philosophy Philosophy 21 10 -C.U. ,
2 - R.B.U.
M.A. in Philosophy
2017 07 B.A. Honours in Philosophy Philosophy 19 5 - C.U. ,
2 -R.B.U.
M.A. in Philosophy
2016 10 B.A. Honours in Philosophy Philosophy 19 7 C.U. ,
1 J.U.,
2 R.B.U.
M.A. in Philosophy
2015 19 B.A. Honours in Philosophy Philosophy 29 18 C.U. ,
1 R.B.U
M.A. in Philosophy
2.Students qualifying in state/ national/ international level examinations during the year (eg: NET/SET/SLET/GATE/GMAT/CAT/GRE/TOFEL/Civil Services/State Government Services)      


Year No. of Students selected/ qualifying Registration number/roll number for the exam
NET 2019 Riya Sen UGC-NET Dec 2019 (Presently Pursuing M.Phil at C.U. ) Riya Sen-WB1005214115
Priyanka Sadhukhan UGC-NET Dec 2019 Priyanka Sadhukhan- WB1005213507
2018 Trisha Paul UGC-NET Dec 2018
With J.R.F.
Trisha Paul - WB10004516303
Anamika Das UGC-NET Dec 2018
(Presently pursuing M.Phil at C.U.)
Anamika Das - Roll No- WB1004516184
Sangita Paul UGC-NET Dec 2018
(Presently pursuing M.Phil at WBSU)
Sangita Paul - Roll No- WB1004516713
Deepa Kirtania UGC-NET Dec 2018 with J.R.F. Deepa Kirtania - Roll No- WB1004516072
Moumita Mondal UGC-NET Dec 2018 Moumita Mondal - Roll No- WB1004516765
Aditi Talukdar UGC-NET Dec 2018 Aditi Talukdar - Roll No -WB1004516068
Esha Mondal - UGC-NET July 2018 Esha Mondal - Roll No -91035277
2017 Trisha Paul - UGC - NET Nov - 2017 Trisha Paul - Roll No - 91016632
Ayanika Chatterjee UGC- NET Jan 2017 Ayanika Chatterjee - Roll No - 90012408
2016 Priyanka Chakraborty UGC- NET July 2016 Priyanka Chakraborty - Roll No - 89010152
2015 Joyita Basak - UGC-NET Dec 2015 Joyita Basak - Roll No - 89009584
SET 2020 Riya Sen -WBSET-2020 Riya Sen- Roll No-11050835
Priyanka Sadhukhan -WBSET-2020 Priyanka Sadhukhan- Roll No-13060302
2018 Sangita Paul WBSET - 2018 Sangita Paul - Roll No- 0108400
Moumita Mondal WBSET - 2018 Moumita Mondal - Roll No - 0108335
2017 Trisha Paul - WBSET 2017 Trisha Paul - Roll No - 0513127
2015 Pritha Paul - WBSET -2015 Pritha Paul - Roll No -1335811
State Government Services 2020 Ayanika Chatterjee joined Hooghly Mohsin College as Full time Lecturer in Philosophy from PSC, January 2020 .
She was the former Project Assistant in the UGC-CAS Programme of Philosophy, J.U.
Ayanika Chatterjee - Roll No - 1170121
Pritha Paul joined P.R. Thakur Government College, Gaighata as Full time Lecturer in Philosophy from PSC ,January 2020. She was also M.Phil Research scholar (2014-16) at C.U. Pritha Paul - Roll No - 1170014
Priyanka Chakraborty joined Taki Government College as Full time Lecturer in Philosophy from PSC, January 2020 Priyanka Chakraborty - Roll No - 1170162
Any Other 2020 Esha Mondal joined Dwijendralal College as Full time Lecturer in Philosophy on 24th Aug 2020  
2019 Joyita Basak joined Malda Samsi College as Full time Lecturer in Philosophy from CSC, 2019 .
She was awarded M.Phil from J.U. in 2018
Trisha Das - Working at Continental Hospital Private Ltd., Hyderabad as Executive in Operations on 18th March 2019  
Aditi Talukdar - Former Guest Lecturer at Bethune College (July-February)  
Mousumi Saha - Former Guest Lecturer at Bethune College (July-February )  
2018 Trisha Paul - Guest Lecturer at Gurudas College from 5th July 2018  
2017 Ivy Banerjee - Joined TCS on 13th Nov ,2017 as Trainee, Business Process Services  
Priyadarshini Das- Joined RBI , Kolkata as Assistant Manager Grade 'A' (DR) (OP) via Talent Scouting on 7th July 2017  

Co-curricular and Extracurricular Activities

Co-Curricular and Extra –Curricular activities at the College/University/State level and Prizes won

Sl No Name of the students UG with Year & Session Achievements
1 Shrestha Dasgupta UG SEM-2 , Session-2020-21 Stood 3rd in recently held dialogue writing competition -Tete-a-tete by Jadavpur University literary society.
2 Poulami Dey & Saheni Bhowal 3rd Yr Session 2019-2020 Stood 2nd in Poster competition in ICPR sponsored Indian Philosopher's Day Celebration and participated in One Day Regional Seminar on "Indian Philosophy & Indian Philosophers" organized by Deptt. Of Philosophy and IQAC, Maulana Azad College, Kolkata, on 6th Aug, 2019.


The students of the department regularly maintain the departmental Wall-Magazine - Barttika . Besides this, their contributions in the Bethune College Magazine, Adiganta is also worth mentioning. Srijani Das and Priyanka Sur of Sem -4 , Sanchari Banerjee of Sem -6, Piyali Seth (passed out 2020) and Sangita Paul (passed out 2015), Somdeepa Goutam, Priti Mondal, Sayanti Manna, Namamita Bose, Promita Lodh (UG Passed out 2020), Prantika Mukhopadhyay , Sanjana Das, Riya Sen (UG Passed out 2017) & Sampriti Majumder ,Payel Halder (UG Passed out 2016) made their contributions in Adiganta 2019-20, 2017-18 & 2015-16 .

Students' Achievements (in Games and Sports):

The Department of Philosophy was declared the Departmental Champion in 2019, 2015 & 2014.

Name of the student Achievements /Prize/ Fellowship
Priyadarshini Das Our former student (2019 Passed out) , a National level Table Tennis Player, World ranking 331 and seeded 6th in India among Young Women Table Tennis Player was awarded Young Achiever in Games & Sports , a special recognition by the College for her achievement. She received this award from Honourable MIC, Department of Higher Education Dr. Partha Chatterjee on Annual Prize Day 2019. Some of her worth mentioning performances are :
  1. National Ranking Table Tennis Championship 2019 (East Zone) - Mixed doubles Bronze Medalist
  2. National Ranking Table Tennis Championship 2019 (West Zone) - Mixed doubles Bronze Medalist
  3. All India Public Sector Table Rennis Tournament 2019-20 - Womens Team Bronze Medalist, Womens doubles Silver Medalist,Womens Singles Prequter finalist
  4. 49th All India Inter - Institutional Table Tennis Championship 2019- Mixed Doubles Bronze Medalist
  5. 81st Senior National and Inter -state Table Tennis Championships -2019-20 - Mix doubles Prequter finalist.
  6. 3rd position in Youth Girls' Singles, Central Zone, Indore, June 2017.
  7. Team Champion, Ultimate Table Tennis Indian League, Chennai, July 2017.
  8. Youth Girls' Team Champion, All India Inter Institution Championships, New Delhi, August 2017
  9. 3rd position in Youth Girls' Singles, East Zone, Siliguri, October, 2017.
  10. 3rd position in Youth Girls' Singles and Womens' team, West Bengal State and Inter District T.T. Championships, November, 2017.
  11. Gold Medalist in West Zone, Gujarat, Youth Girls' Singles Champion.
  12. Silver Medalist in East Zone, Aizwal, Youth Girls' Singles Runner up.
  13. Silver Medalist, Youth Girls' Doubles Runner up, in 78th Junior & Youth National and Inter State Table Tennis Championships 2016-17, Gujarat.
  14. Bronze Medalist, Youth Girls' Team in 78th Junior & Youth National and Inter State Table Tennis Championships 2016-17, Gujarat .
Usha Das 3rd Year (2020 Passed out) student became Individual Champion in Annual Sports Session - 2018-19 .

She was the recipient of

  • Shyamacharan Ghosh Memorial Prize
  • Champion's Trophy
Sushmita Singha She was declared the Individual Champion in Annual Sports Meet for two consecutive years, i .e., 2015 and 2014 and was the recipient of the prestigious
  • Shyamacharan Ghosh Memorial Prize
  • Sachinath, Radhaballabh and Suradhani Basak Memorial Prize
  • Champion's Trophy.