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The Library has developed together with the college as an indispensable part of the entire college. The location of the Library has been changed a number of times. Initially the college library was situated in the Bethune School Hall.
The Library has a rich collection of about 1,00,000 (one lakh) books and journals. These include some rare and priceless books and journals. About 1100 new books are added every year. There are separate libraries for Science and Humanities to provide better accommodation and convenience. Each department has its own Departmental library too.. Read more...


Computer Lab

Computer Training (by Webel Informatics Limited)


Webel (WBEIDC) is the nodal agency of the Government of West Bengal for developing Information Technology, Electronics and ITES industries in the State and creating value for the citizens. Webel Informatics Limited (WIL), a Government of West Bengal Undertaking, is the IT & Electronics Education and Training arm of West Bengal Electronics Industry Development Corporation (Webel). WIL is one of the very few organizations in India, imparting education and training for more than two decades.

Since 2006-07 WBEIDC - WIL division in collaboration with Bethune College offers a 120 hours on-campus DIPLOMA course in Computer Application, at a very affordable rate. It is held during College hours. Assessment of students is done based on a gradation system. The information regarding course structure and gradation system is as follows : View Course Structure


Staff Members: 03
No. of Computer Systems installed: 12
Internet Facility: Systems are connected through LAN and providing Internet connection

Students Enrolled/ Certified

No. of successfully certified students in last academic session (2018-19): 130 No.
No. of Enrolled students in current academic session (2019-20): 416 No. (Approx)
1st Sem - 416 No.
3rd Sem - 140 No. (Enrolled in previous session)

Additional Facilities

WEBEL also offers many need based DIPLOMA/CERTIFICATE courses for the Students and/or Ex-Students of the College. Many of our students are placed in various Organisations.


Ethics Value Education

Ethics and Values Education

Bethune College has been running a compulsory certificate course for the first year students, both Arts and Science since 2006. The objective of this course is to create awareness and commitment of the students to social responsibilities and moral values, for improving the quality of life through education. The course being interdisciplinary in character, the content has been designed in the light of Indian and Western Ethics and social realities.
Three to four lectures were annually arranged with resource persons belonging to different disciplines. From 2020-21, the duration of the course is of thirty hours (12 to 15 lectures) within an academic session which is applicable for the students of first and second semester.
A certificate is given to the students on completion of the course.

Dr. Sudeshna Mitra
Convener, Ethics & Value Education Committee
Bethune College

Ethics & Value Education Certificate Course : Lecture Details


Awards and Prizes

Awards and Prizes

The College awards many prizes and certificates Prizes, Medals and Scholarships to its students on the basis of their performance both in academic and extracurricular activities. All prizes are awarded to students in the Annual Prize Distribution ceremony, the date for which is announced in due time. Prize winners are intimated on an individual basis. Prizes are awarded on the basis of performance in the University examination. Most of the prizes are Endowment or Trust Fund prizes and special staff prizes.

The following medals are awarded to students :

  1. Rupa Chakravarty Memorial Silver Medal : (initiated in 1997) awarded to a distinguished ex-Bethunite.
  2. Ganesh Chandra Das and Pratima Das Memorial Medal : (initiated in 1983) for standing first among the B.Sc. Honours Graduates of Bethune College.
  3. Gwalior Medal: A medal is awarded to the student who stands first in the Higher Secondary Examination from Bethune School.
  4. lIa Chatterjee-Bibhuti Bhusan Chatterjee Memorial Silver Medal : (initiated in 2006) awarded for highest proficiency in Psychology Honours in B.A. / B.Sc. Part II Examination from Bethune College.
  5. Juthika Ghosh Memorial Gold Medal : (initiated in 2001) For highest proficiency and securing first class in B.A. Sanskrit Honours from Bethune College.
  6. Nalini Das Memorial Silver Medal : (initiated in 1998) Awarded to the most promising student of Bethune College.
  7. P. C. Chandra Award of Excellence : Instituted in 2000-01. A silver plaque is awarded by P. C. Chandra and Jewellers to a student for overall excellence.
  8. Papiya Datta Roy Memorial Gold Medal : (initiated in 2001) Awarded for securing highest marks in B. A. Political Science honours from Bethune College .
  9. Papri Bhadra Memorial Excellence Gold and Silver Medal (initiated in 2013): Awarded for highest Proficiency in Philosophy Honours, Part I, II & III.
  10. Puspa Das & Dipali Das Memorial Silver Medal : (initiated in 1994) Awarded for securing highest marks in Chemistry Honours Practical in the B.Sc. Examination from Bethune College.
  11. Radharani Bhattacharya Memorial Silver Medal : (initiated in 1994). Awarded for highest proficiency in Chemistry Honours in the B.Sc. Examination from Bethune College.
  12. Radharani Bose Memorial Medal : (initiated in 1994) Awarded for best talent in classical music.
  13. Radharani Dutta Memorial Silver Medal : (initiated in 2010) Awarded to the student who stands First class Second in Mathematics in the M.Sc. Examination from Bethune College
  14. Rina Ghosh & Shyamal Ch. Ghosh Memorial Silver Medal :(initiated in 2007) Awarded to the best all-rounder of Dept. of English, Bethune College.
  15. S.N. Pal Memorial Medal : (initiated in 2010) Awarded to the students for securing First Class in Zoology in the M.Sc. Examination from Bethune College.
  16. Santilata Basu Ray Memorial Gold Medal : Awarded to student who stands first in Mathematics honours in the B.Sc. Exam. from Bethune College.
  17. Santosh Kumar Dutta Memorial Gold Medal : (initiated in 2010) Awarded to the student who stands First class First in Mathematics in the M.Sc. Examination from Bethune College.
  18. Santosh Memorial Medal : (initiated in 1966) It is awarded to the student who secures the highest marks in Chemistry honours in the B. Sc. Examination from Bethune College.
  19. Srabanti Banerjee Memorial Silver Medal : (initiated in 2001) Awarded for securing highest marks in B.A. Political Science honours from Bethune College.
  20. Sumita Mitra (Basu) Memorial Silver Medal : (initiated in 2006) awarded for excellence in dance.
  21. Sunanda Dutta Smriti Swarna Padak : (initiated in 1998) Awarded to the student securing highest marks among all Arts Honours Graduates from Bethune College.
  22. Sushama Basu Memorial Gold Medal : (initiated in 2001) Awarded to the student securing highest marks among all Science Graduates from Bethune College.
  23. Tatini Das Memorial Medal : Awarded to the student who stands first in the Philosophy Honours in the B. A. Examination from Bethune College.

Some of the Memorial Prizes offered by the college are:

  1. Abha Bose Memorial Prize : ( in 2004) Awarded for highest proficiency in Mathemati c s Honour s in the B.Sc . Examination from Bethune College.
  2. Aditi Nag Choudhury Memorial Prize : Awarded for highest proficiency in History Honours in the B.A. Examination from Bethune College.
  3. Ajoy Kumar Bardhan Memorial Prize : (initiated in 2004) Awarded for highest proficiency in Psychology Honours in the B.A./B.Sc. Examination from Bethune College.
  4. Anjali Mukherjee Memorial Prize : Awarded to the student who stands first among B.A. and B.Sc. Honours Graduates of Bethune College.
  5. Aruna Mukherjee Memorial Prize : (initiated in 1988) Awarded to the students for securing highest marks in Arts and Science in the B.A. / B.Sc. Part-I Examination from Bethune College

There are several other Memorial Prizes and Awards for the students for their encouragement and appreciation.




The following Fellowships are available.
  1. Jyotsnamoyee Dey
  2. Tarak Sudha Fellow



Student Support

Students can avail and get benefit from financial support in the form of scholarship, stipend, free studentship etc., from various government and non-government sources. Apart from them, the college also has a Students' Aid fund which provide financial support for the needy students. View Details



Women's Studies Centre

The Women's Studies Centre of Bethune College, sponsored by the UGC, started functioning since January 2010. With a sustained focus on teaching and research, the Centre utilized the grants to integrate Women's Studies as a discipline within broader academia. A General Course in Women's Studies, as approved by Calcutta University, was offered to the undergraduate students of this college.

With the aim of qualitative progression towards enlightenment and empowerment, the Centre has conducted periodic Orientation Programmes, Workshops and Seminars. Several interdisciplinary collaborative projects have also been carried out in order to initiate critical enquiry and strengthen research in the field of Women's Studies.

UGC has approved the continuation of the Women's Studies Centre of the college in the current session and the college hopes to engage in research and pedagogical tools in the field for the benefit of students and teachers alike.
View Details...


Career Counselling Cell

Bethune College helps its students to step up steadily in their future career and life as well. In this regard, a Career Counselling Cell is proactive enough to guide the students about various career opportunities to help them to proceed towards their future career path. The Cell is engaged in the following activities throughout the year:
  1. Career counselling Seminars/workshops (on career prospects in higher studies and jobs in government and private sectors)
  2. Workshops on Communicative English (For development of communicative as well as soft skill)
  3. Personal Career Counselling (with one dedicated professor in each department for subject-specific career counselling)
  4. Campus Selection Programmes (by reputed companies like, Tata Consultancy Services, Cognizant Solutions, Genpact, Wipro, Netscribes etc.)
Academic Year No of Career counselling Seminars/ workshops No. of Workshops on Communicative English No. of students selected through Campus Selection Programmes
2019-20 04 02 20
2018-19 03 02 25
2017-18 02 02 23
2016-17 04 02 20
2015-16 04 02 21




Psychological Counselling Cell

The Psychological Counselling Cell is run by the teachers who have been professionally trained to provide such service. The Cell has been functioning approximately for the last 10 years. This cell provides support to the students and staffs of the College and approximately 15 individuals are benefitted from this service every year. Occasionally, if required, group counselling sessions have also been conducted by the teachers of the department. The Psychological Counselling Cell maintains confidentiality to respect the dignity of the client.



Anti-ragging Committee

Helpline : 94333467505

The College has an Anti-ragging Cell headed by the Principal. This has been constituted as per the existing UGC norms. At the beginning of every academic year both the freshers and the senior students of the College are made aware of the ragging related rules and regulations by the Principal herself. The Cell, in its turn, directs the respective departments and the Students' Union to keep close watch on the students and to report immediately the untoward incident, if any, for appropriate action. Bethune College being a heritage college has a very good ambiance maintained by both the staff as well as the students. Perhaps, this prevalent culture is one of the reasons why hardly any incident of ragging has been reported till date. Download Anti-ragging Form



Grievance Redressal

The College has a Grievance Redressal Cell. It collects applications on issues, if any, and addresses those grievances as best as it can. As a follow up step, the Cell meets the complainant students in presence of the Principal and takes necessary action. The Cell is headed by the Principal and consists of senior teachers from both Humanities and Science departments. There is a dropbox just outside the Principal's Office where students can insert their grievances anonymously.


Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)

Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) of Bethune College in accordance with UGC Notification (Prevention, prohibition and redressal of sexual harassment of women employees and students in higher educational institutions Regulations, 2015).
  1. Prof. Pratap Chandra Ray, HOD, Mathematics Department : Faculty Member
  2. Dr. Suranjana Dasgupta, HOD, Economics Department : Faculty Member
  3. Sm. Sormistha Biswas, Joint Secretary, Women's Coordination Council: Member from NGO.
  4. Sri Sanjib Dhar, UDC,Office : Non teaching staff Member
  5. Sm. Mitashree Pal, 1st yr English Hons : Elected student Member
  6. Sm. Ananya Sen,1st yr Economics Hons : Elected student Member
  7. Sm. Poulomi Sengupta, 1st yr Economics Hons : Elected student Member



Backward Class Cell

Bethune College Kolkata has an active Backward Class Cell. The Cell keeps strict vigil in admission procedures for both UG and PG Courses, so that the seats reserved for candidates belonging to SC, ST, OBC are allotted to them properly. One Government Representative also work with us in this regard.

The Backward Class Cell organized webinar to conscious students and teachers about Prevention of Atrocities Act 1989, so that Bethune College students can raise their voice against any unfortunate incidence against people of backward communities if happened.


Students' Committee

Bethune College has a formal Students' Committee which is formed in consultation with the Principal and Heads of Departments. The Students' Committee takes part in all academic, administrative and other activities of the College. There are student representatives in administrative bodies like the Governing Body, Internal Complaints Committee (ICC), Backward Class Cell, Anti-Ragging Cell among others.

The Students' Committee actively participates in the programmes organised by the College like Annual Prize Distribution ceremony, Annual Sports, Annual Intra-college Competition, Programmes on Independence Day and Republic Day among others. It continuously maintains an effective liaison between the teachers and the students. Student's Committee also organises programmes like, the Annual College Fest, Fresher's Welcome for the First Year students, Farewell for the Third Year students etc.

Members of the Students' Committee for the academic session 2020-21


Name of the Candidate Post
Riddhi Mukherjee Secretary
Shinjini Kar Head of Cultural Affairs/Cultural Club
Koushani Ghosh Head of Literary Affairs/Literary Club
Shaoni Mallick Head of Creative Affairs/Art and Craft Club
Asmita Ghosh Head of Public Relations
Tanisha Chakraborty Treasurer
Anoushka Banerjee Supervisor/In-Charge of Broad Spectrum Development
Aratrika Sengupta Head of Human Resources
Rupkatha Sanyal,  Head of Event Management
Sanjukta Chakraborty Coordinator
Shrestha Pal Head of Documentation
Anwesha Pratihar Head of Technical and Designs
Arpita Mitra Sports Secretary
Debodipta Paul Secretary of Quiz and Debate Club
Debashree Roy Head of Film and Drama Club
Anwesha Kabiraj Head of Science and Environment Club
Ranjini Ghosh Head of Photography Club
Manjima Das Deputy
Joyshree Adhikari Deputy
Nilaya Das Deputy
Ayushi Dey Deputy
Rajnandini Ghosh Deputy
Adrija Sadhukhan Deputy
Kamalika Mandal Deputy
Mehuli Das Deputy
Rupsa Das Deputy
Tiasha De Deputy
Aishwarya Dey Deputy
Debadrita Chatterjee Deputy
Ankana Hazra Deputy
Progya Manna Deputy
Soumashree Mukherjee Deputy
Debosmita Das Deputy
Srijani Das Deputy

College Canteen

College Canteen

There is a single storied structure near the main gate where the students and staff of the college can buy food at a subsidized rate .It is run by an organization that functions during the working hours of the College. The College authority provides furniture, refrigerator, gas, purified water & electric supply to the organization. The seating capacity of the canteen is forty. A variety of snacks including meals during lunch hours is available for students and staff. As per UGC guidelines, the College has implemented a ban on junk food in the college canteen.




Opening shortly