Bethune College IQAC

Updated : 18 Feb 2021


In pursuance of the NAAC Peer Team's recommendation for performance evaluation, assessment and accreditation and quality up-gradation, an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) was established on 29th November 2006 as a post-accreditation quality sustenance measure. Keeping in mind that quality enhancement is a continuous process, the IQAC became an integral part of the Institution's system striving towards realisation of the goals of quality enhancement and sustenance. The IQAC of Bethune College has prioritized development of a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic improvement in its overall performance. For this, during the post-accreditation period, it has channelized all efforts and measures of the Institution towards promoting its holistic excellence.

The primary aim of IQAC as stated by NAAC is

  • To develop a system for consistent and catalytic action to improve the academic and administrative performance of the institution.
  • To promote measures for institutional functioning towards quality enhancement through internalization of quality culture and institutionalization of best practices.

For realizing these aims the IQAC uses the following strategies:

  • This Cell monitors the teaching, research and various departmental activities of each department. Feedback regarding teaching, infrastructural facilities and other amenities of the College are collected from the students by this Cell.
  • This Cell visits each department every year to verify the yearly progress of the department with regard to record documentation, academic and research activities.
  • The students' feedback for each department is evaluated. Good points are appreciated and remedial measures for the weak points are suggested to the departments by the IQAC team.
  • The departments ensure the implementation of the remedial measures and report the IQAC team about their improvement.
  • The Cell is responsible for regular submission of Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) to NAAC.

As outlined by the external regulatory bodies like the West Bengal Higher Education Directorate, the University of Calcutta and the UGC, the College introduces and implements required quality assurance measures. Value based education is provided to the students with the help of courses like Ethics and Value Education. Apart from that Communicative English and Computer Training classes are also organized for the students.

A transparent admission process is conducted online. The College has a SC/ST Cell as recommended by the University and the Government.

In keeping with the recommendations of the quality assurance agency NAAC, several measures have been adopted. Postgraduate courses in English, Mathematics and Bengali have been introduced in order to enrich the curriculum.

Increased use of ICT in classrooms and administrative office has begun.
The College has a Career Counselling Cell, Anti Ragging Cell, Psychological Counselling and a Women's Studies Centre.

The Governing Body and IQAC are also two regulatory bodies whose interventions have facilitated quality enhancement and sustenance.

Composition of the IQAC as per UGC guidelines 2018

The IQAC has been constituted under the Chairmanship of the Head of the institution with heads of important academic and administrative units and a few teachers and a few distinguished educationists and representatives of local management and stakeholders.

Reconstituted IQAC as per meeting held on 12th August, 2021

Internal Members

  1. Prof. Krishna Roy- Principal - Chairperson
  2. Dr. Kamal Kanti Som - Department of Physics - Coordinator
  3. Dr. Amita Kar - Department of Chemistry, Teachers' Council Secretary
  4. Dr. Sudeshna Mitra - Department of Philosophy- NAAC Coordinator
  5. Prof. Pratap Chandra Ray - Department of Mathematics
  6. Dr Dipayan Chattopadhyay - Department of Botany
  7. Dr. Gautam Goswami - Department of Physics
  8. Dr. Satarupa Bandyopadhyay- Department of Economics
  9. Shri Sumanta Mukhopadhyay - Department of Bengali
  10. Dr. Piyali Gupta- Department of English
  11. Smt Anjali Maisal - Librarian
  12. Student representative

External Members

  1. Prof. Puspa Misra - Former Principal, Bethune College Alumna
  2. Prof. Pratip K. Chaudhuri - Former DPI and Management educationist
  3. Dr. Ramaprasad Bhattacharya - Jt. DPI (Sr. Administrative Officer)
  4. Prof. Sampa Chakrabarti - Department of Chemical Engineering (CU), Alumna